Company Profile

ISFASPORTS as BrandName is recommended to the football community in 2008. It is the result of an idea of ​​a different type athlete representation based on ethics, honesty, hard work and meritocratic criteria. As a member of ISFAGROUP we meet it in 2015. Today ISFASPORTS is present in sporting events. Guaranteeing the long and successful business of the founder Manousos FARANTAKIS, is fully prepared to offer high quality services and safeguard the interests of its customers and partners. Ready to respond fully to an ever-increasing demanding environment.


ISFASPORTS maintains contacts and long-term cooperation with world-class affiliates and offices. We have an extensive network of affiliates around the world that allows us to detect football talent in its first football footsteps while also enabling us to promote our customers to the best leagues in the world. In ISFASPORTS, we rely on a comprehensive mechanism for finding athletes who have the talent and ability to evolve and to be distinguished at the top level. The ISFASPORTS technical staff include professionals with the appropriate background and previous experience who are able to look for the right ones. In addition, we provide our regular partners with continuous training following developments, aiming at adapting to today's ever-increasing demands.


Welcome to ISFASPORTS !